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Aktualisiert: 26. Juli 2020

Ok, since I am starting this blog kinda in the middle of the year, I'll just fill you in on the acting side of things.

New Fotos. New Showreel. All to be found on my profile at:


Sebastian Husak, who cut my reel (again highly recommended!), is also the director of "Rhythmus", his Film01 at the HFF München, in which I play the mother.

And which has just won first prize for best up and coming short film at the Schleswig Holstein Film Festival!

I had a wonderful time playing the very British Head Nurse for the Canadian Horror Movie REPLACE, directed by Norbert Keil and produced by Felix von Poser's Film Company SPARKLING PICTURES.

12 Points, the Austrian short film directed by René Kmet, in which I play alongside the TV host and comedian Christoph Grissemann, is still making the festival rounds.

Das Beste aller Leben, the ZDF film, in which I play a pregnant baker's wife opposite Sophie von Kessel under the direction of Rainer Kaufmann, was aired on the 22nd of December 2015.


Rehearsals are about to start for Pasolini's Teorema at the Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding.

I am happy to be back and looking forward to working with up- and coming director Blanka Rodóczy. For dates and tickets please click.

In March I took over the parts of Lucy and Haubitzen-Uschi in the Beggar's Opera produced by Theater Viel Lärm um Nichts at the Pasinger Fabrik in Munich for seven performances. And I am happy to announce that they have asked me back to play the part of Katherine in The Taming of the Shrew.

Performances start on 29th of December and will be running until the end of March 17.


Bonne Nuit Papa, a beautiful documentary for which I lent my English voice to Marina Kem, the female protagonist and director, is still touring the world.

La buena vida, another amazing documentary which won the Bavarian Film Prize in 2015 has just been given new voices in English, German and French. Me being the first two.

And the Sextener Sonnenuhr, a beautiful documentary by Lisa Eder-Held for the BR's Bergauf/Bergab is still online. Watch and listen while you can.

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